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Chuck Mishaan

Chuck Camera.jpg

From his early photographic days with Box and Brownie cameras, Kowas and Minoltas, to his recent work exclusively on iphone, Chuck has been fascinated with how light, shape and color, and the click of the shutter, can create a meaningful composition.  


I used to carry two cameras around with me, one with a wide-angle lens, one with a telephoto lens. Or one with color film, one with black and white film. It depended on the day and my mood. I looked very professional, but I still had much to learn. Signing up for classes with various artists at various schools, I learned all the stuff about f/stops, shutter speeds, the Rule of Three, developer, fixer, all that. But the truth is, with all that equipment and learning, the EYE is what makes a photograph work.


While snapping pictures through a couple of generations of technological change  (now taking pictures with my phone!), I’m still enchanted by the photographic image.


Photographs are available for sale. Get in touch for pricing and/or more information.

Look At It This Way 

A photograph can show what is notable, meaningful, beautiful or terrible about something in the world...

and See Different

...and a photographer may have another way to look at the things we see all the time.

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